Minor Obsession: Colorful Cookware

One of the first presents my husband gave me when we were dating was this deep green Le Creuset dutch oven. I was still fairly new to the kitchen and it was my first truly beautiful piece of cookware. It’s still amazing years later.


Little did Andrew know, he was starting an obsession. I love colorful kitchen toys. I can’t get enough. Appliances, serving platters, pots and pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, I believe everything is more fun in a vibrant shade. Here are a few beauties I would have in my dream kitchen.

Colorful Mixing Bowls

Mix up something delightful in these Joseph Joeseph mixing bowls.  I think the measuring cups are the perfect added bonus.

Owl Measuring Cups

Add a little silliness to your prep time with these red owl measuring bowls from West Elm. I don’t think you can ever have enough mini prep bowls. They are perfect for measuring and corralling chopped ingredients.

BlueStockpotMaking soup in this blue Le Creuset stockpot would brighten up any winter day. We host an annual soups party every December and I’m always keeping an eye out for pots big enough to handle a double batch – they allow me to cook for a crowd without messy boil-overs.

Kitchen AidI have a forest green Kitchen Aid and there is no reason for me to purchase another, but I am completely obsessed with this lime green professional grade mixer. This is one small appliance I would be proud to have on my countertop.

YellowPiePlateGo from oven to table with this sunny little pie dish. Who knew you could make dessert even more fun?

Red CasseroleServe up your tater tot hot dish in this gorgeous red casserole from Crate & Barrel.  If you insist, it would work just a well for something a little less Midwestern.

Wouldn’t these brighten up your kitchen? Which are your favorites?