More stuff for my walls: Litographs

Before I gush about how much I love these book prints, let me note that I have a problem.  In addition to the many framed prints hanging on the walls of my flat in Edinburgh, I also have a few in storage and several that are unframed and quietly waiting for me to move into a bigger space.  That said, I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one of these.

Taking the concept of books as art to a new level, Litographs creates each print from the text of a classic book.  The entire text.  Even better, the graphics are clever and gorgeous.  I love this take on Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


And their take on Pride and Prejudice isn’t too bad, either.

P&PHere’s The Great Gatsby with a splash of color.


I even want to order books that don’t make my favorites short-list.  Like, Pinnochio.


All prints are available in color and in B&W.  They release new prints every Tuesday and Thursday and if you register with the website, you’ll get email alerts that will give you $10.  With a starting price of $29, that’s a remarkably good deal.  Oh, and as a fun bonus, a few of the prints are available as t-shirts.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick