So.  We’re in out thirties.  Now what?

Two girls, two cities, two adventures.

Coley Di:  Reformed lawyer, aspiring cook, excessive pinner & lover of all things cheestetastic.  Brooklynite with Iowa roots – you can take the girl out of Iowa . . . Follow me on Twitter, @iamcoleyd and Pinterest http://pinterest.com/coleyrenee

Triddles: Also a lawyer, although currently back in grad school.  Originally from South Dakota, currently living in Edinburgh but still pining a bit for Brooklyn.  Most of my spare time is spent traveling, crafting and figuring out ways to watch American tv.  Follow me on  Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/triddles55

Oh, hello thirty is also on Twitter at @ohhellothirty and Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/ohhellothirty

Contact us at ohhellothirty@gmail.com


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