Well-Heeled Wednesday: Newton Running Shoes

I must start this post with a disclaimer. I am not a runner. I have tried to be a runner, but the farthest I have succeeded in running is 5K and I cursed the entire time. However, a few years ago my Mom and I participated in a 3 Day Walk for breast cancer. We walked 60 miles over the course of three days, so our feet needed some serious support. When we were training, people suggested that we try running shoes rather than walking shoes. Lucky for us, we stumbled into a little running shoe boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and discovered Newtons. Now, everyone’s foot is different, so I can’t promise that these shoes will be as amazing for you as they are for me, but I LOVE them. They are hands down the most comfortable brand of athletic shoes I have ever worn. Equally exciting, for me at least, they come in obnoxiously bright colors. My original pair was yellow and orange and a fellow walker named them my “Walking on Sunshine” shoes. My current pair is bright pink and I think of them as my workout Barbie shoes. It might not work for everyone, but strapping some bright color to my feet always makes me a little bit happier to head to the gym. If you’re looking for a new pair of running/walking/thinking-about-running shoes, I highly suggest you check these out.

Pink Newtons

My Workout Barbie Sneakers

Purple NEwton

Powerful in Purple

Red Newtons

You’re on Fire!

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2 thoughts on “Well-Heeled Wednesday: Newton Running Shoes

  1. Hi MUST reply, I am the same I was a runner, before serious knee issues prevented me from running, as well as 2 children. I found NEWTONS at a Layne Beachley training session with Nikki Fogden-Moore who LOVES NEWTONS. I LOVE the colours that Nikki had on so I enquired and she set me up with my FIRST Newtons. I say FIRST because there will be many more to come. The workout Barbie sneakers have got me RUNNING can you believe, I am training and can now start a slow run, other shoes I could never do that in. As soon as I put the Newtons on I went for a walk which turned into a run, the are the BEST fitness shoe I have ever had. My trainer comments on them, other people comment on them. If I have to do ALOT of walking I wear my NEWTONS..
    Thanks Newtons for creating my perfect trainer…

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