I’m homesick.

I am currently in the midst of my longest stretch in Britain without a trip to the U.S.  For the record, it’s only been four and a half months since I was in New York.  It’s been eight months since my last trip to South Dakota, but I’m used to long stretches away from home home.  Anyway, the point is that I miss New York.  Pretty soon, that first magical day of spring will arrive and New Yorkers will stumble out into the streets and the awesomeness of spring and summer in the best city in the world will start.  And I want to be there.

But, that’s not going to happen this year.  I’m traveling to the States in April/May but the itinerary won’t hit NY.  And, after that, I won’t be able to make another trip back until at least September.  So, for now, I’m pining.

What I really want is a lazy weekend of hitting up my favorite spots for cheap food and good drinks in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill.


Tacos from Fast and Fresh on Hoyt between Atlantic and State.

Corned Beef Hash from Mile End on Hoyt between Atlantic and Pacific.

Bahn Mi from Hanco’s on Bergen between Smith and Hoyt.

Turkey leg sandwich from Henry Public on Henry between Atlantic and Pacific.


A Jack Rose from Jack the Horse at the corner of Hicks and Cranberry.

A Wide Awake Cocktail from Henry Public.

A Prospect Park Sour from the Clover Club on Smith.

A glass of wine, while sitting at one of the sidewalk tables at Bar Tabac.

A Pacifico on my friend, Mim’s, roof deck on Atlantic.


Euphoria, indeed.

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