Sunday Morning Reads

A few of our favorite links from around the web this week:

Amazing round-up of fancy sweatshirts.

Love this public art display in the Bay Area.

Crime fighting Buffy style.  Because punning shouldn’t be just for slayers.

Great hair tutorial for getting natural looking curls – for those of of who are hair challenged, I know I am!

If I were crafty I would make this Ice Cream Cone Garland.  Maybe Triddles can make it!

An interesting approach to the glut of lawyers in America. Or you could take our routes and either leave the law or go back to grad-school.

The 90s are back. We think this looks just like Willow Rosenberg.  Yes, that’s two Buffy references in one post.  Nerd-alert.

Awesome infographic on London and New York (although, the absence of Prospect Park is bizarre).


This looks like the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.

New issue of Matchbook Mag!



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