Minor Obsession: Vibrant Scarves

Here’s the thing: I wear a lot of navy.  If it wouldn’t be a little bit weird, I’d wear navy every day.  I love the color.  But I know that all my favorite navy sweaters, dresses and tops look better with a bright splash of color.  For the last year I’ve been wearing the same orange and pink scarves over and over with my navy wardrobe.  So, I’m constantly on the lookout for new, cheap scarf options.  ASOS has two that are remarkably well-priced and lovely.


A great purple.


Such a fun mosaic print.

And, for the times when just a bit of color will work (and when price is no concern), I love this ladybug (ladybird, for the Brits) scarf from Red Brick.


And, just for Coley Di, check out these pretty swimming ladies:



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