Style Roundup: Cozy Sweatshirts

A few months ago I accepted a job where I work from the comfort of my apartment. A work from home gig has tons of benefits, no commute, a well-stocked fridge and most importantly no pressure to dress in fancy work clothes!  I love getting to spend most days in glorified versions of my jammies.  A pair of leggings and a cozy sweatshirt is my go-to outfit.  Sweatshirts have several benefits – they’re warm, if chosen well they’re somewhat presentable for when someone knocks on my door, and the pockets make it easy to carry things around the apartment.  The beauties below are a few that I am currently living in:

Lucy Sculpted CoatI love the Lucy Sculpted Coat. It’s longer than most sweatshirts so it covers my bum. I still believe leggings really aren’t pants, so I appreciate the extra coverage. It also features deep pockets. I can carry my cellphone, my home phone and some lip balm in those babies! (And yes, I may look a little ridiculous). One of my favorite things about Lucy is that they run great sales, in fact this lovely is currently marked down.

LuLu Scuba

The classic Lulu Scuba hoodie was one of the first “upscale” sweatshirts I owned.  I have a purple version that I’ve been wearing for years and thanks to one of my good friends I am the proud new owner of an aqua version straight from the insane Lulu warehouse sale. I’m curious about this new stretchy version.  Can’t wait to try it!

Zella Purple

I was recently introduced to the Zella Galaxy hoodies.  The fit is similar to the classic scuba, the fleece is cozy and the price is great.  I adore my grape version and wouldn’t mind owning several other colors as well. I recommend ordering a size up, the fit tends to be a bit snug. It looks like they are currently out of stock online but keep an eye out at Nordstrom’s for good deals on the sales racks!


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