Gifting: Geographical Cufflinks

Triddles recently posted an awesome roundup of geographically themed jewelry. Like Triddles, I love  accessories that represent important places. In fact, I think they make the perfect gifts. When Andrew and I were engaged and I was searching for a wedding present, I wanted something that was meaningful to both of us and timeless enough that Andrew would love it for years. I ended up selecting New York City map cufflinks from Sherry Truitt Studios. Andrew and I met and fell in love in New York but were married in my home town, Des Moines, Iowa, so the cufflinks served a dual-purpose.  They reminded us both of the city where our relationship got its start and brought a little of our adopted home to the Midwest for wedding day.

091011_NICAND00037Image By Rick Collins Photography

There are tons of creative geographical cufflinks on Etsy.  How about cufflinks featuring a photo of his favorite stadium from whitetruffle?

NY Yankee Cufflinks1

Or cufflinks made from the bleachers at his alma matter from BerkleyMade?


Or he could show his hometown pride with transit tokens from Subway Cufflinks.


I’m confident that whatever option you choose, you can’t go wrong with a gift that represents a place close to his heart. Happy gifting!


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