Style Roundup: In which I try to like color blocking.

Colorblocking seems to be one of those trends that never really goes away.  I guess that’s fine, but I generally find it pretty boring.  Every time one of the designers on Project Runway (Mila, I’m looking at you) starts gushing about color blocking, I fast forward.  That said, I found this BCBG dress online over the weekend and am coming around a bit.  Admittedly, my affection for this dress is 99% attributable to my love of navy and yellow.  But still, I feel like I am making progress.


So I started looking around Pinterest and discovered that there are a number of color blocked dresses I like.  For example, if I was still working in an office, I’d certainly be overwearing this:

And these shoes from C.Wonder?  Delightfully old lady.

And, I love this chevron striped sweater.

I generally don’t wear chunky jewelry, but I really like this bracelet Oliver Bonas.

Conclusion?  My problem with color blocking may just be a problem with people talking about color blocking.


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