Style Roundup: Geography Accessories

Necklaces shaped like states (as well as anything shaped like states, really) have been on the scene for a while now.  And while I still love both of my South Dakota necklaces, lately I’ve been on the lookout for accessories that convey a sense of place without being quite so literal.

These coastline rings from Hannah Louise Lamb are the perfect example.  Customers choose a section of coastline and its outline is then hand-etched onto the ring.  Customers are also given choices of metal and width.  The rings are gorgeous and could even stand in as unique weddings bands.  Lamb’s online store also offers personalized cuff links and brooches.


Sara Pfau’s you are here store on Etsy offers similarly sentimental options for fans of lakes and islands of the Northeastern states, including this delicately awesome version of Lake Champlain.


This year, for Christmas, my mom bought me a constellation necklace from Victoria Camp Designs that features Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).  I love it both for its simplicity and because the big dipper is the first constellation my mom showed me how to find in the night sky.  Etsy has a lot of different options for constellation necklaces so it’s worth doing some searching.  That said, I’ve been very happy with mine and Camp’s prices really can’t be beat.

Big Dipper

I’ve been a subway commuter in three different cities over the past decade and I know the affinity that develops over countless hours shuttling from home to work.  The fugudesigns store on Etsy capitalizes on that with this cool bracelet that shows the stops on Chicago’s Red Line.

Red Line

For those who simply want to show off the look of their hometown, Aminimal Studio offers intricate necklaces and earrings that show off the city streets of a wide range of cities.  Here’s their take on LA:


And finally, three jane offers 14K gold necklaces engraved with any location in the world.  Use it to celebrate birthplaces, proposals, homesteads, celebrations . . . really, anything would be gorgeous.  The back of the gold plate can also be engraved.

Map 1


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