Minor Obsession: Haptic Lab

Inspired by Coley Di’s post on cozy blankets, I felt the need to brag about a project I’ve just started.  Haptic Lab is a design studio based in Brooklyn that makes amazing “soft map” quilts like this one of the Great Lakes:

Great Lakes

They also have a line of city quilts that feature hand-stitched maps of the city streets of cities including New York, Boston, Chicago and London.  Here’s London:


While I think the stark simplicity of the white city quilts is pretty rad, I have to admit that I love the cheery colors of their baby blankets even more:


Anywho, in addition to the quilts, Haptic Lab also sells DIY kits for the ambitious home quilter.  I bought the USA map kit around Christmas and am just now starting on it.  I’d originally planned to use a solid color as the backdrop for the map.  But then last week I noticed a pile of old jeans that I’ve been meaning to throw away/donate.  Denim seems like the most American of fabrics, so I’ve opted instead to piece together a basic block quilt of denim squares that I cut from the jeans and I’ll be embroidering the USA map on that.  I’m headed out this afternoon to pick out embroidery thread.  Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


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