It Changed My Life: Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer

“A little powder, a little paint, makes a woman, what she ain’t.” This ditty has been sung in my family for generations. We are, shall I say, completely committed to the transformative power of cosmetics. It’s not that I believe women have to wear makeup. Many days I simply slap on some tinted moisturizer and head out. However, on the days where I need to look polished, makeup is my best friend.



I’ve found that beauty products are the most powerful on days where you aren’t looking or feeling your best. When I was working long hours at the Big Law Firm, I discovered Too Faced Snow Bunny. This multi-color bronzer is a miracle worker. It banishes redness, corrects imperfections and makes your skin glow. In fact, I’ve found that it has the power to make you appear well-rested on only four hours of sleep, perfect for applying after a big night out or a late night at the office. The best part? All it takes is a couple of swipes and you’re good to go. It’s a 30 second trick that can make you look awake and alive, that’s my type of paint.


You can purchase Snow Bunny directly from Too Faced.  It’s also available at Sephora.



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