Date Night – Boardgames & Bar Food

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a hermit. I love a good night out with friends but I also require a huge amount of downtime. Lucky for me my husband also enjoys a good night in. Many of our “date nights” are spent eating yummy delivery and watching a marathon of whatever TV show we are obsessed with at the time. But sometimes you just have to get out of the house. Saturday night was one of those nights – I wanted to DO something. The conditions weren’t ideal for an outing, Nemo had just dumped tons of snow on NYC and I am still recovering from a badly sprained ankle, so we wanted to stay close to home. We found the perfect low-key option just a couple blocks away – South, a dive bar rumored to have awesome grilled cheese sandwiches and plenty of board games for our entertainment.


We were so excited to find the rumors were true. The grilled cheese sandwiches were amazing, dirt cheap, and a little fancy. We shared one with cheese and strawberry jam and another with cheese, jalapeños and sausage. Delish. I will definitely be recreating them at home.


While scarfing our sandwiches we engaged in a serious game marathon – three rounds each of three different games. We started with Jenga, moved on to Uno, and wrapped up with Candyland. I’m happy to announce that I walked away the big winner, securing the victory with wins in the Uno and Candyland categories. My big prize? Choosing the ice cream we ate for dessert. All in all it was a pretty great Saturday night date – good company, yummy food, lots of conversation, and we were home in time to sneak in an episode of Big Love before midnight.



One thought on “Date Night – Boardgames & Bar Food

  1. Very interesting–I could taste the sandwiches, sense the fun and competition, wondered if you played games with others or just the 2 of you? Can’t wait to read your next installment!!

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