It Changed My Life – Moroccanoil

I have to admit, I’ve given coleydi a fair amount of crap over the years for both her “it changed my life!” and her “it was the best XX dollars I’ve ever spent!” proclamations.  Now that that’s been acknowledged, I’ll also admit that every once in a while my own product recommendations use the exact same words.

Today, I’m sitting in my flat in Edinburgh, straightening my hair and thinking about how happy I am to have found my terrific little bottle of Moroccanoil.  I have naturally curly hair and I straighten it frequently.  It’s fairly typical white-girl curly hair (fine, tightish curls) and the excessive time with blowdryers and curling irons means its prone to damage.  Moroccanoil has, as promised, changed that equation.  I put a little bit in after showering and my hair not only dries faster but even the typically crispy bits at ends now feel soft and silky.

Seriously, this stuff is the shit.


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