My First Days in the Kitchen

I haven’t always liked to cook. In fact, I didn’t have a clue about what to do in the kitchen until I was 23. I was a 2nd year law student living in NYC with a tiny apartment kitchen. I’m not sure what I’d been subsisting on – probably a combination of take-out and frozen foods. I don’t remember what changed but I suddenly decided one day that “Grown-Ups” should know how to cook so I bought a few cookbooks. I started with an old family favorite – the Better Homes & Garden Cook Book. My Mom’s battered red and white checkered edition has been in my house longer than I’ve been alive. I jazzed it up a bit with the new Pink Plaid breast-cancer edition.  Cooking and a cause?  Perfect.

New Cook Book, Limited Edition "Pink Plaid" : For Breast Cancer Awareness (Better Homes & Gardens)

Like the good type-A girl that I pretend not to be, I didn’t just casually start cooking. Nope. I made a plan. It was simple. I cooked twice a week, one day I would make an old standby, the other I would cook something new. Luckily, my Mom and my best college girlfriend both happen to be fabulous home cooks, so I always had someone to call when I had questions. I highly recommend this method for anyone just beginning in the kitchen. It helped me build my confidence gradually and it was great to have a few recipes that I knew I could execute perfectly. Within a few months I’d discovered that not only could I cook, but I loved to cook. There was no turning back.

Cooking with my beautiful Mom!


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