It Changed My Life – Dry Shampoo

Apparently when I’m excited about something, be it a new clothes steamer, a great pair of shoes, or even a better sports bra, I often proclaim, “it changed my life!” I usually follow up that loving declaration with an announcement that it was “the best X dollars that I’ve ever spent!” Well, you can’t fault me for being enthusiastic.

But seriously, dry shampoo? Changed my life.  Dry shampoo that costs under $5 and can be purchased at the drug store? Changed it again.


I always envied girls who could go two days without washing their hair. So healthy! So thrifty! But with my fine locks? I was a grease factory by the end of day one. A few years ago I became a dry shampoo convert, shelling out 20+ bucks a bottle for the fancy stuff at Sephora. It gave me a great second-day pony, but was an expensive habit and I was always losing the cap and spilling white powder over everything I owned. Finally, trying to save a few pennies I picked up a bottle of Suave at my local CVS. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was even more effective than my old standby. Couple that with a lovely lemon scent, less obvious powder stains on my roots, and an astronomically lower price tag and I was sold. I haven’t looked back since. Sorry Sephora.


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